What Percentage of High School Athletes Go Pro?


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In the United States, only a very small percentage of high school athletes become professional players in their respective fields as of 2015, reports the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Approximately 8 million secondary-level students participate in high school sports activities. Around 5.75 percent of this population is able to take part in collegiate sports.

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In a survey conducted by the NCAA, the organization gauged the likelihood of high school students joining collegiate and professional athletics in six major sports, including baseball, men's basketball, women's basketball, football, men's hockey and men's soccer.

The results of the study showed that of the 482,629 high school baseball players, only 6.9 percent plays in college, which is equivalent to 33,301 students. Only 8.6 percent of this tertiary population, or around 2,864, are picked by major league baseball teams. For men's basketball, there are 541,054 players in high school but only about 18,396 participate in college. Around 1.2 percent of these college players, or 221 students, are drafted by the National Basketball Association. For women's basketball, an estimated 3.8 percent of 433,344 high school players, or 16,467 players, participate in collegiate basketball. A tiny 0.9 percent of this population, or only 148 college players, are picked by the Women's National Basketball Association.

In football, around 1,093,234 students play in high school but only 6.5 percent, or 71,060 compete in college and only about 1.6 percent of this, or 1,137 players have joined the National Football League. For men's ice hockey, there are 35,393 high school athletes but only 11.2 percent, or 3,964 play in college. Around 6.8 percent, or only 269 of these players, are drafted by the National Hockey League. For men's soccer, only 23,793 of the 417,419 high school players participate in college. Approximately 1.4 percent of this number join the professional ranks.

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