What Percent Is a "C" Grade?


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In general, a "C" grade tends to be equivalent to a percentage somewhere in the 70s. There is not one set standard, so it varies among schools. Each institution determines its own grading policies.

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What Percent Is a "C" Grade?
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For example, at the University of Washington in Seattle, a "C" runs from 75 percent to 79 percent. An 80 is considered a "C" to "C+." At the other end of the scale, 73 or 74 percent is a "C-," while a 72 is a "C" to "D+." Other schools have slightly lower percentages for a "C." At the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, a "C" is 73 to 76 percent. A "C-" covers 70 to 72, while anything in the high 70s equals a "C+."

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