What Is the Partial Products Method Used in Math?

The partial products method is a way to multiply two or three-digit numbers together. It involves thinking of a number as a sum of its individual powers of ten, multiplying each part by each of the other number's parts individually and summing the results together.

The partial products method breaks up a number into its powers of ten, such as its ones, tens and hundreds components, multiplying each component by each component of the other number, and then summing each product together to find the final result.

For example, multiplying 67 by 53 is the same as multiplying (60 + 7) by (50 + 3). By this method, the student multiplies each component of the first number by each component of the second number and sums the result. In this case, (60*50) + (7*50) + (60*3) + (7*3) = 3000 + 350 + 180 + 21 = 3551.