Are There Online Resources to Teach Children About Listing Fractions From Least to Greatest?


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There are many online resources that can help children learn to order fractions from least to greatest, including Khan Academy, Math is Fun and Math Goodies. Khan Academy has a video that explains how to order fractions and practice exercises that student can try to master this skill. Similarly, Math Goodies shows how to order fractions with simple examples.

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Math is Fun teaches students how to compare two fractions to find the greater of the two. A typical example of ordering fractions is ordering 1/6, 4/9 and 3/12 from least to greatest. The first step is to express these fractions with a common denominator as 6/36, 16/36 and 9/36. The next step is to look at the numerators and list them form lowest to greatest, which is 6/36 Learn more about Fractions & Percentages

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