What Is Number and Word Notation?

In math, number and word notation is simply writing the significant digits of a large number and using words for the place value. For example, the number 45,000 in number and word notation is 45 thousand.

Often used in media publications, such as newspaper or magazine articles, number and word notation makes for easier reading and comprehension of large numbers. It is much more concise to write the words "two billion" or "2 billion" instead of 2,000,000,000.

Standard notation is initially taught when children first learn how to write numbers. That is numbers only, such as 1,000 or 7,600,000. When teaching students how to write in number and word notation, the first step is to note the significant numbers. Follow those numbers by the words notating their place value. If there are two significant numbers separated by a comma, as in 7,600,000, there is an extra step. Replace the comma with a period, and use the place value of the first number. Therefore, the correct number and word notation for that standard number is 7.6 million. Since it can be challenging for some to learn, a good trick is to circle the significant numbers, then determine their place value. To ensure accuracy, simply go back and double-check the number in its standard notation.