How Is a Number Squared?

How Is a Number Squared?

To square a number, simply multiply the number by itself. For example, 3 squared would literally be 3 multiplied by 3, which is 9. When a number is squared, it is typically denoted with a small two written in the top right corner of the number or with a "^" sign after the number itself, like 3^2.

Negative numbers can also be squared; however, a negative number multiplied by a negative number will become a positive number. For example, -3 squared will become 9.

Numbers with decimals can also be squared as well. The result will generally be a number with a decimal place.

Although individuals can calculate how to square a simple number by hand or by simple mental calculation, larger numbers can be rather difficult at times depending on the amount of experience that the individual has in math. Using a calculator may be a better option at this time.

Those who are learning about squared numbers may also be familiar with the perfect squares. Perfect squares are the squares of whole numbers and not decimals. For example, the square of 1 is 1, the square of 2 is 4 and the square of 3 is 9. These two numbers are known as perfect squares.