What Are the Names of Polygons With Sides Numbering From Three to 100?

The name of a polygon with three sides is called a triangle. A four-sided polygon is called a quadrilateral, a five-sided polygon is a called a pentagon and a six-sided polygon is called a hexagon.

A seven-sided polygon is called a heptagon, an eight-sided polygon is called an octagon, a nine-sided polygon is called a nonagon, a 10-sided polygon is called a decagon and an 11-sided polygon is known as a hendecagon.

There are names that have been suggested for polygons with more than 10 sides. For example, a 20-sided polygon has been given the name icosagon, a 1,000-sided polygon has been named chiliagon and a polygon with 10,000 sides has been named myriagon.

Generally, polygons are two-dimensional, closed, plane shapes made of an infinite number of straight sides that meet at points called vertices. When a polygon’s angles and sides are equal, then it is said to be a regular polygon. If the angles and sides are not equal, the polygon is known as an irregular polygon.

Polygon names are set apart from each other by their prefixes. For example, the prefix for the word hexagon is “hexa,” which means “six.” However, there are polygons that are called by the number of their sides, such as 46-gon or 27-gon.