What Are the Names of Some 3D Shapes?


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Sphere, torus, cylinder, cone, cube, triangular pyramid and square pyramid are some of the most common 3D shapes. There are certain characteristics and rules that apply for each one, and some of them can also be found in nature.

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The sphere resembles a 3D circle. It is a perfectly symmetrical shape, and all points on its surface have the same distance from the center. It has no edges or corners, and it has the smallest surface area for a certain volume compared to the other shapes. In nature, spheres appear whenever a surface wants to be as small as possible, such as in bubbles and water drops.

The cylinder has three sides, two flat and one curved. The flat sides, as well as the space in between them, are the same. By unwrapping the middle curved section and laying it flat, the result is a rectangle.

The cone has a flat side, which is called a base, and its pointy end is called apex. It also has one curved side.

The cube is a 3D shape made of squares. It has six faces, and each face has four edges. The shape has a total of 12 edges and eight vertices. All faces meet at 90 degrees, and the opposite ones are parallel. The cube is a platonic shape that makes an ideal die, as each face is the same size. Fair dice can be made out of all the platonic shapes.

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