Are There Any Musical Arithmetic Learning Resources?

As of October 2015, the website has a resource page that lists several popular songs with lyrics rewritten to help students learn multiplication. The website includes transcripts of the songs' lyrics as well as recordings of the songs.

For example, one of the website's featured songs is a version of Katy Perry's song "Roar" that teaches multiplication by 11. Other songs on the site include "We Are the Champions," rewritten as "Threes Are the Champions" for learning multiplication by three, and a song for multiplication by two called "I Knew You Could Double," which is derived from Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble." Songs for multiplication available on the site feature the numbers two through nine and 11. also has math songs available for teaching. The site features songs for addition and subtraction, concepts of patterns, multiplication and division tables as well as songs for teaching advanced math, algebra and geometry. After finding a song on a desired topic, clicking on that song's link leads to a page with lyrics and a recording of a portion of the song. The page also lists where the song is available and ordering information. is another resource for musical math teaching tools. It also has numerous categories of songs, featuring those that concern numbers, operations, patterns and algebra.