How Much Money Is in a Roll of Quarters?

much-money-roll-quarters Credit: George Diebold/The Image Bank/Getty Images

In the United States, also known as a shotgun role, a roll of quarters is worth $10. It includes 40 quarters.

Each coin roll wrapper in the United States is color coded and designates the name of the coin, the denomination, the count and the total value. In the case of the quarter, the color of the wrapper includes a orange stripe.

It is possible to get coins in half-size and double-size rolls as well. A half-size roll of quarters is worth $5, since 20 coins times $0.25 equals $5. The double-sized roll, known as a double shotgun, has 80 quarters in it. Its value is $20, since 80 times $0.25 is $20.

In contrast, rolls of other coins do not equal the same monetary value as a roll of quarters. A roll of pennies has a value of $0.50. A roll of nickels has a value of $2. Similarly, a roll of dimes has a value of $5.