How Do You Find the Midpoint?


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To find the midpoint of a line segment, determine where their coordinates are on the x-y axis, and use the mean to find the point midway between each x and y endpoint. This provide an accurate midpoint, allowing for other mathematical functions.

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  1. Locate and plot the endpoints of the line segment

    If the line has already been graphed, follow the increments up from the origin point to find the first endpoint of the line segment. For example, assume the first endpoint is located at (3, 6). Then, locate the second endpoint, for example at (7, 9).

  2. Add the two x and y coordinates together

    Adding 3 and 7 gives you 10, and adding 6 and 9 gives you 15. Part of calculating the mean involves finding the total of the set of values.

  3. Divide the results by two to determine the midpoint

    Because you're comparing two sets of values and want to find the mean, you'll need to divide the numbers by two. Divide 10 by two to get 5, and divide 15 by 2 to get 7.5. Sometimes, the midpoint will not fall directly on a point. Instead, it will be a fraction. If necessary, plot this point on the line segment

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