How Do You Get a Metric Converter Online for Free?


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There are many online resources that offer free metric converters, including Science Made Simple, Metric Conversions and World Wide Metric websites. These sites provide metric converters for length, volume, area and speed. At the Science Made Easy site, there are very useful length and height metric converters, such as millimeters to meters, inches to meters, centimeters to feet and centimeters to inches.

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Students can use these metric converters by simply clicking on the type of conversion required, such as centimeters to meters, and then entering the required measurement. For example, typing in 1500 for centimeters should give an answer of 15 meters. This site provides an extensive listing of commonly used metric conversions. There are also other metric conversion tools, such as for area and volume. The area conversion tool can convert from areas that include square meters to square centimeters, square inches, square kilometers and more.

The World Wide Metric is a handy converter tool, which converts a given measurement into various other measurements. For example, by entering 1500 in the millimeter section, it gives the results of 150 centimeters, 1.5 meters, 0.0015 kilometers, 4.92 feet and 1.64 yards. This site also has metric conversions for pressure, volume and weight.

Another useful website that has free metric converters is Metric Conversions. This site also provides conversion tools for many measurement types, such as kilometers to feet or kilometers to meters. All these metric converter tools are useful, especially for students taking either math or physics courses that may require converting between the Imperial and metric systems.

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