What Are Some Methods for Teaching Students How to Round Numbers?


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BrainPOP provides lesson plan activity ideas on how to teach rounding numbers, such as hopscotch and the comparison of distances. Math Play, K5 Learning, Math-Aids.com and ABCya.com also provide worksheets and online games for students of various levels.

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Rounding a number simplifies the value so that it becomes easier to manipulate. The first step is to determine which digit to round and then examine the digit that follows that number. For example, when rounding 74 to the tens place, it is necessary to examine the four to determine the proper rounded value of the seven.

The common rule for rounding is that digit values four and below keep the previous digit at the same value, while digits five and above round the previous digit to one value higher. The digit place used to determine this proper rounding is then replaced by zeros. For example, 74 rounds down to become 70, while 78 rounds up to become 80.

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