How Do You Measure a Property's Square Footage?


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To get the square footage of a home, measure the exterior walls of each floor of the home to the nearest inch. Once the measurements are done for each floor, multiply the length and the width, and add all of the floors' measurements together.

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How Do You Measure a Property's Square Footage?
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There are parts of the home that shouldn't be included in the measurements. A room's ceiling must be a specific height in order for it to be counted. Both the attic and the basement should not be counted in the square footage of the home as well. In fact, in most instances, any part of the home that sits below ground level is not included in the measurements in determining square feet.

Any additional buildings, such as a garage, shed or guesthouse should not be included in the measurements either. Instead, these buildings, which require a person to leave the main building in order to enter, are listed as bonus rooms.

It is important to note that real estate agencies can have different rules when it comes to determining the square footage of a home. To help make measurements more accurate, contact the real estate agency and get information on how the square footage of the home was originally calculated.

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