How Do You Find the Mean in Math?

To find the mean in math, add up all of the numbers you want to find the mean of, and divide by the quantity of numbers you add together. For example, if you add five numbers together, you would divide by five. The result is the mean.

  1. Add up the numbers

    Write the numbers of which you are trying to find the mean as an equation where each number is being added to the next. For example, if you're trying to find the mean of 89, 71, 16 and 24, you'd write 89 + 71 + 16 + 24. Add up the numbers to get one total. In the previous example, the numbers would equal 200.

  2. Count how many numbers are in the set

    Look at the original set of numbers and count how many different numbers are in the set. In the above example, there are four numbers.

  3. Divide the sum

    Take the sum of all the numbers and divide it by the amount of numbers in the set. Sticking with the previous example, you would take 200 and divide it by four. The result would be the mean of the four number set. So the mean of the example would be 50.