How Is Math Used in the Real World?

math-used-real-world Credit: MECKY/Stone/Getty Images

Math is useful for economics, science, sports, social fields and a wide range of other areas for making decisions and analyzing information. Basic math skills are essential for many jobs. Math has been a core component of many human advances.

Almost everyone has to deal with money in their daily lives, and money is largely about math. Before making a purchase, people need to know if they have enough money. More advanced math skills are important as well. Knowing how much money is needed to retire comfortably relies on math, and determining how much a mortgage will cost requires calculations as well.

Effective science is dependant on math; statistical analyses inform scientists about how likely certain hypothesis are. Those working in the medical field must know how to interpret statistical data before recommend particular treatments, and even sociologists, anthropologists and people in related areas must rely on mathematical models.

Computers have revolutionized the modern world, and they are, in many ways, calculators that can receive inputs and show information. Without Boolean algebra, modern computers may have never been developed, and mathematical principles guide the development of the Internet. While computer interfaces hide much of the math computers perform, everything computers do depends on math.