What Are Some Math Trivia and Facts?

Mathematics is a literally infinite field, and so many quirky or otherwise unusual facts about the subject have come to light over the centuries that humans have been studying it. Some of the best of these involve deeply counterintuitive areas such as statistics, multidimensional modeling and game theory.

One famous piece of mathematical trivia is known, according to Business Insider, as the Monty Hall problem. This scenario involves a game show host offering the contestant a choice of three doors with a prize behind only one of them. After the contestant picks, but before the door is opened, one of the unchosen doors opens to reveal that the prize was not behind it. The host then gives the option to switch doors. Statistically, a contestant who switches doors wins twice as often as one who doesn't.

Another odd fact deals with the concept of infinity. There exist exactly the same quantity of even numbers as odd, and both totals, according to Business Insider, are exactly equal to the number of even and odd numbers added together. Another unusual rule is Benford's Law. This states that, given a large enough data set, the number 1 will appear as the first digit in real-world number sequences, not 10 percent of the time as expected, but fully 30 percent of the time.