What Are Some Math Problems for 4th Graders?


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Fourth grade math curriculum differs between schools, but there are some common concepts that most fourth graders learn. Fourth grade math usually involves multiplication and division with several digits, and different types of math with fractions and decimals. Many fourth grade math problems are word problems, which help students learn math concepts and apply them to everyday life.

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What Are Some Math Problems for 4th Graders?
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This is a sample word problem with multiplication of two-digit numbers and subtraction:

"George had $150. He bought eight video games, which cost $15 each. How much money did George have left over?" To solve this problem, first multiply eight video games by $15. The result is $120. Then, subtract $120 from $150. George had $30 left over.

Fourth grade math generally includes multi-digit division with remainders. Here is a sample word problem:

"Kate baked cookies for 10 of her friends. Her recipe made 45 cookies. How many cookies did each friend get, and how many cookies were left over?" To solve this problem, divide 45 cookies by 10 friends. The result is four cookies per friend, with five cookies left over.

Fourth graders also learn how to compare fractions. For instance, they are shown a picture of a pizza with eight slices, and are asked to color in 4/8, 2/4 or 1/2 of the pizza. This reveals that those three fractions are equal in value.

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