What Are Some Math Problems for 1st Grade?


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Students in first grade initially learn about basic math concepts, such as addition and subtraction. They also are introduced to learning how to tell time and count money. Most math problems that students in first grade tackle are written in numerical form; word problems are introduced later.

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What Are Some Math Problems for 1st Grade?
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Some of the simple addition problems that first-grade students might encounter include equations such as "1+1=?" or 5+2=?." Typically, first-graders start the school year learning this basic addition and then may move on to two-digit numbers later in the year. Some of the subtraction problems a first-grader might see include "6-1=?" or "7-3=?" Just as teachers gradually introduce first-graders to larger numbers for addition, the same is true for subtraction.

First-grade students also learn how to add and subtract by twos, by fives, and by tens. By the end of first grade, students are often expected to be able to count to 100 by each of the aforementioned numbers.

When teaching how to tell time, teachers frequently begin by helping students learn to read the hour hand on a clock. Once the students are comfortable understanding the time that the hour hand indicates, the teacher begins to instruct them on how to read the minute hand.

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