What Is a Math Genius?


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A math genius is a person who is exceptional in the field of mathematics. Someone considered to be a genius typically has skills and understanding in their field far above those of most people. In many cases, the term is applied to those whose talent in a field allows them to achieve a new level of insight that benefits humanity.

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What Is a Math Genius?
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An individual rising to the level of genius is rare. In the 1950s, intelligence quotient testing was used to determine if someone qualified as a genius. However, as of 2014, a scientific consensus exists that while IQ tests may differentiate average people from gifted people, they are unable to differentiate levels of giftedness. Therefore, they are not an accurate measure of genius.

The recognition of genius typically occurs over time and after years of study in a specific field. The development of a gifted child into a genius in a specific field requires adequate education. It also requires development of a well-rounded person who can recognize the effect of their achievements on the world. Some geniuses who do not have a well-balanced upbringing do not understand how to use their gift and do not reach their full potential.

Well-known geniuses in their fields include Albert Einstein, Mozart, Shakespeare, Michelangelo and Sir Isaac Newton. They made extensive contributions to their areas of expertise that continued to have an impact beyond their lifetimes.

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