What Are Some of the Math Fonts Used in LaTeX?

LaTeX uses several math fonts such as Computer Modern, Concrete Math and Cm Bright among many other fonts, including postscript fonts. Most of the fonts used in LaTeX can be used for both text and math functions, with fonts such as Bitstream Charter being easily scalable but having fancy math fonts. Computer Modern is the default font for LaTeX and has corresponding math fonts, which some say are overused.

LaTeX also uses Adobe PostScript, which is combined with Ghostscript as both text and math fonts by applying various packages such as, Avant and Bookman, from the PSNFSS distribution. It is important to note that the PostScript fonts Avant Garde and Bookman were modified by Antonis Tsolomitis to create the Kerkis font, which has additional Greek and Latin characters and is a stand-alone application that can be used outside LaTeX.

A crucial observation about most of the math fonts is that they have been modified to include extra Greek and Latin letters by many authors. These authors discovered that such characters are essential for effective math fonts. In order to use most of the math fonts that are described in the survey, the mathematician must apply the appropriate packages associated with the fonts.