What Are Some Math Concepts That Third-Grade Students Study?


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Some of the math concepts that third-grade students study include fractions, geometry, graphs, time and money. Third graders also learn to read and write four-digit numbers, to multiply and divide, and to compute place values.

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Third-grade students are usually conversant with the basic arithmetic functions of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Third-grade teachers emphasize a recall of these concepts before they introduce new, related concepts. Teachers introduce students to fractions through simple operations that involve weighing and measuring objects. Students also learn to create geometric patterns and work with perimeters and angles. Additionally, students learn to count, read and write numbers in hundreds and thousands.

In third grade, students, who are already familiar with the concept of time, learn to read and make precise time calculations. Teachers give students a chance to work with various money denominations and to compute change from various purchase scenarios. Additionally, third graders advance their knowledge of graph concepts and learn about line and bar graphs. Teachers use objects and pictures to teach students about the rules and logic behind the arithmetic operations learned in previous grades. Although third graders tend to give up easily on difficult tasks, they respond well to small and uncomplicated projects.

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