What Is the Mass of a Tennis Ball?

mass-tennis-ball Credit: Lemsipmatt/CC-BY-SA 2.0

The mass of a standard tennis ball is .057 kilograms. Mass is the measurement indicating the amount of matter in an object.

An object's mass is different from its weight, because weight is determined by both the force of gravity and mass. To calculate an object's weight, its mass is multiplied by the force of gravity. Density is another calculation using mass; the object's mass is divided by its volume. Weight, density, velocity, force, acceleration, work and power are all mechanical quantities of matter that can be calculated using mass, length and time.

Tennis balls are made of rubber and cloth. The masses of the ball and racket affect the ball's trajectory when hit. Type 1 tennis balls are harder and resist compression, type 3 tennis balls are larger and have higher air resistance, and high altitude tennis balls have reduced internal pressure.