How Many Vertices Does a Hexagonal Prism Have?

A hexagonal prism has 12 vertices, along with eight faces and 18 edges. This shape has two hexagonal sides, as well as size rectangular sides that connect the sides of the hexagons.

In a regular hexagonal prism, the hexagons are equilateral and parallel, such that all the rectangles are the same size and connect to the hexagons at right angles. A hexagonal prism is an octahedron; an octahedron is a polyhedron having eight faces. There are over 257 convex octahedra that include the augmented triangular prism, heptagonal pyramid, hexagonal prism, truncated tetrahedron, according to Math World of Wolfram Research Incorporated.

A hexagonal prism is a type of octahedron, which is a polyhedron that contains eight faces.