How Many Four-Digit Palindromiic Number Are There?

There are 90 four-digit numeral palindromes ranging from 1001 to 9999. There are also 90 three-digit palindromic numbers, 9 two-digit palindromes and 900 five- and six-digit numeral palindromes.

A palindromic number refers to a numeric value that remains unchanged when its digits are written backwards or forwards. Some examples of four-digit palindromes include 1001, 6886, 4334 and 9559. The term palindromic is derived from palindrome, which is also used to refer to words whose spelling remains the same when its letters are written backwards like "rotor" or "radar." Palindromes can be found in other numeral system other than decimal. There are several palindromic binary numbers, such as 1111 and 1001.