How Many Cars Can Park on One Acre?

many-cars-can-park-one-acre Credit: hobvias sudoneighm/CC-BY 2.0

An average of 120 cars can park on one acre of flat land, according to Western Carolina University. To park 1,200 cars, developers need a parcel of land the size of eight football fields.

The West Edmonton Mall in Canada holds 20,000 vehicles with a combination of parking garages and lots. As of 2008, Seattle's airport had enough parking spaces in its garage to accommodate 13,000 vehicles.

A parking garage costs around $15,000 per space to build as of 2014, but they save space in terms of land area. Airports, sports arenas and urban centers contain the largest parking garages. Often, companies charge for parking at these garages, which last up to 50 years.