How Many Bricks Are in a Square Meter?

many-bricks-square-meter Credit: hotreactor/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Brick sizes vary, but for standard U.S. modular bricks laid as face brick in a wall, there are 50 bricks in a square meter. This calculation assumes that 3/8-inch mortar is used.

A standard U.S. brick is 7 5?8 by 3 5?8 by 2 1?4 inches. They are sized so that when 3/8 inch (9.5 millimeters) of mortar is used, they cover an area of 8 by 4 inches. To calculate how many are needed to cover 1 square meter, convert the inches to meters: 8 by 4 inches is equal to 0.20 by 0.10 meters. This gives each brick a face area of 0.02 square meters. Divide 1 square meter by 0.02 square meter, which equals 50 bricks, or 10 rows of five bricks.