How Many Bowls of Cereal Does the Average American Eat Annually?

many-bowls-cereal-average-american-eat-annually Credit: Shana Novak/Stone/Getty Images

According to Men's Health magazine, the average American eats more than 160 bowls of cereal in a year. The Encyclopedia of Business indicates that this is about 10 pounds of cereal per person per year, adding up to over 2.7 billion packages sold in grocery stores annually.

In 2006, NBC's "Today" show reported that 49 percent of all Americans eat cereal for breakfast. It cited a September 2005 study from the National Institutes of Health that showed adults and children who ate cereal had healthier body weights than those who did not eat cereal. "Today" recommended unsweetened cereals with at least 3 grams of dietary fiber in every ½-cup serving. Fox News Insider reported on a 2014 study from the Environmental Working Group that indicated eating a bowl of children's cereal daily for a year was equal to consuming 10 pounds of sugar.