How Do You Make a Stem and Leaf Plot?

How Do You Make a Stem and Leaf Plot?

To make a stem and leaf plot, organize the data in a list with the same first numbers together. Then write the stem numbers on one side of the chart and the leaf numbers out to the side by the appropriate stem numbers.

  1. List the data

    Organize each data response in a list with identical stem numbers together. The stem number is the first number in each piece of data. Most often, those numbers are listed in ascending order from top to bottom.

  2. List the stem numbers

    List each stem number only once in a vertical line. It does not matter whether the stem number is found several times or only once in the set of data.

  3. Write each leaf number to the side of the correct stem number

    The leaf number is the second number or numbers in each piece of data. Write each leaf number next to the appropriate stem number in a horizontal line. It is correct to repeat the same leaf number if the data is repeated. Typically, again, the leaf numbers are written in ascending order from left to right.

  4. Label the chart

    Identify the stem and leaf numbers if necessary to ensure the chart is read accurately. Label the chart to identify what data is represented on it.