How Do You Make a Protractor With a Printout?


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To make a printable protractor, you need Internet access, a computer, a printer, durable printer paper or cardstock, and a pair of scissors. The process takes around 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

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  1. Locate a website

    Using a computer and Internet access, locate a website that offers free printable protractors. Use the search engine of your choice to help with this step.

  2. Find a printable protractor

    From the website you choose, pick a free printable protractor and click the provided link.

  3. Save the document

    Save the document to the computer. Do this by right-clicking the document, naming it, and then clicking save. Be sure to save it to a place that is easy to immediately locate.

  4. Open the document

    Open the document by double-clicking on it. Review the document to ensure the protractor will be satisfactory.

  5. Print the document

    Use a printer to print the document on durable printer paper or cardstock. Be sure that the "shrink to fit" option is turned off and that "page scaling" is set to none. This ensures that the units of measure are printed accurately. For a sturdier protractor, print on cardstock instead of durable printer paper.

  6. Cut out the protractor

    Using a pair of scissors, carefully cut out the printable protractor.

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