How Do I Make an Octagon Shape?


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An octagon is a shape most people can recognize right away; it has eight equal length sides and eight equal angles. You need a ruler, a protractor, a pencil and a piece of paper to construct an octagon.

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  1. Designate a starting point

    The first step in constructing an octagon is drawing a straight line on the paper. This is the construction line.

  2. Find the angles

    An octagon is made up of eight equal angles. The total of all of the angles is 360 degrees. Therefore, each angle is 1/8 of 360 degrees, or 45 degrees.

  3. Draw the sides

    Beginning with the construction line, draw the first of the vertices. Using the protractor, measure a 45-degree angle. Using the ruler, determine the length of the side. Repeat these steps until all eight sides are completed.

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