How Do You Make a Multiplication Chart for Kids?


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To make a multiplication chart for kids, fill in the first row and the first column of a table with the same numbers. It's common to include the numbers one through 12 in a multiplication chart. The first square in the chart should be left blank. Starting in the second square, number one through 12 across in the first row, and one through 12 down in the first column.

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Since the chart is for kids, you may want to decorate it or write on it using colorful markers. Print off a template from the Internet to make the chart, or make your own table using graph paper or poster board. The next step depends on the purpose of your chart. You can leave it blank so a child can fill in the answers.

If you would like to display it in a classroom, then you may want to fill out the chart yourself. Choose a row and a column, and find the square where the two meet. In this square, write the product of the multiplication of the numbers in the row and the column that you chose. Do this for each square in the table to complete your multiplication chart.

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