How Do You Make a Line Graph?


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To make a line graph there needs to be an X-axis, which is horizontal, and a Y-axis, which is vertical. The two axis represent different sets of data so the data is required too. The easiest way to make a line graph is using a spreadsheet like Excel.

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Creating the chart requires only a couple of steps.

  1. Get the data
  2. The starting point is to have two sets of data. Often this means a variable which changes in time. This should be inputted into the spreadsheet in two columns. For example, the time data in column A and the corresponding variable data in column B. The time data will be put on the X-axis of the graph, and the variable data on the Y-axis.
  3. Create a chart
  4. In Excel, click on the Inserts tab then Charts and then click Line. This will insert the chart into the spreadsheet based on the information in the columns, including the headers.
  5. Format
  6. It is possible to change the format of the chart by clicking on chart. The style of line plotting the variables can be changed as can the chart title, X-axis title, and Y-axis title. It is also possible to include a legend and change the font size, color and type.
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