What Is Mad Math?


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"Mad Math" and "Mad Math 2" refer to app games for various smartphone systems that let kids practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Versions of the game vary in complexity; "Mad Math Lite" is a free offering on the Apple iTunes website as of September 2014. "Mad Math 2" include math games based on bingo and bubbles.

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What Is Mad Math?
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"Bingo Math" is a memory game with problems on each bingo space. When students answer five problems in a row correctly, they get a bingo. Problems show up on the side of the game and the bingo field is in the middle for students to ascertain answers.

The second game, called "Bubble Math," helps with arithmetic practice. The game allows students to think critically about multiplication and addition to arrive at an answer instead of repeating back multiplication tables with rote memory. Bubbles in the field have choices for students to fill in arithmetic problems.

Both the free and paid versions of the game have flashcard help, progress trackers through email and reports for each student to identify areas for improvement. Teachers can download these games onto classroom iPads and handheld devices for entire classroom learning experiences. Math games are simple, with single digits, or more complicated with up to triple digits. Decimals and negative numbers are included for more advanced students.

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