Where Is a List of Roman Numbers From 1 to 100?


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Websites providing a list of Roman numerals from one to 100 include Roman-Numerals.org and Roman Numerals.info. All of these sites list the numbers and their decimal number counterparts, and also provide history and conversion information to educate the reader on how to form Roman numerals without a chart.

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The main Roman numerals from one to 100 include I for one, V for five, X for 10, L for 50 and C for 100. With these five Roman numerals, you can form the rest of the Roman numerals from one to 100 by adding and subtracting.

The maximum times a Roman numeral can appear in succession is three. I is one, II is two and III is three. To make four, however, you must subtract one from five. When a number is subtracted, it appears to the left of the number from which it is taken. For example, four is IV.

Six is written as five plus one. When a number is added to another, it appears to the right of it. By this rule, six is VI, seven is VII and eight is VIII. Nine is written as 10 minus one, or IX.

Twenty is XX, and 30 is XXX. Forty is written as 50 minus 10, or XL. Similarly, 90 is 100 minus 10, or XC.

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