What Is a Linear Function Solver?


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A linear function solver is software that calculates the answers to linear functional equations. The software prompts users to enter the functional equation into a text box, provide the input value for the function and submit the request. Depending on the complexity of the software, the software may also provide step-by-step instructions for answering these equations.

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What Is a Linear Function Solver?
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Linear equations are also written as functions, which are equations that require input and generate output. A linear equation of y = 3x - 4 may also be written as the function f(x) = 3x - 4. Both of these forms solve for y when the value for x is given. For example, y = 3(2) - 4 becomes y = 2 and f(2) = 3(2) - 4 becomes f(2) = 2.

Linear equations are used to determine the values of a straight line. One of the most common linear formulas used is the slope-intercept form. The formula is y = mx + b, where m is the slope and b is where the line intercepts the y-axis. In the example y = 3x - 4, the slope of the line increases by three for every unit of x, and the line intercepts the y-axis at minus four.

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