How Do You Learn How to Do Fractions?


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To learn about fractions, use tutorials created by such groups as Khan Academy, GCF LearnFree and Kids Online Resources. Their lessons take students all the way from the most basic information about how fractions work to dividing by fractions, which is one of the more confusing fraction computations.

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How Do You Learn How to Do Fractions?
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The Khan Academy features an entire arithmetic section devoted to fractions. Khan's methods are features on a series of videos, and these are broken down by the various levels of skill and types of computations associated with fractions. For example, the first section, "Understanding Fractions," contains 10 videos that begin with "Introduction to Fractions" and end with "Using Fractions to Divide Pizzas, Pies and Cakes." Using visual devices to explain how fractions work helps students understand the function of fractions.

GCF LearnFree uses a series of visual lessons to teach the basics about fractions. Instead of videos, this website uses a series of slideshows with still images to walk students through learning how fractions work. As of 2015, this site offers five mini-units that begin with an introduction and progress all the way through decimal-to-fraction conversions and multiplying and dividing fractions.

Kids Online Resources has a series of fraction activities that work best as a supporting resource for other units. These contain a practice activity for each skill associated with fractions. By clicking on the Play button in some activities, students get to watch the step-by-step solution of a problem associated with fractions.

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