Is a Kite a Parallelogram?


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A kite is a quadrilateral but not a parallelogram. Kites have two pairs of equal-length adjacent sides, with one pair shorter than the other. Parallelograms also have two pairs of equal-length sides, but their pairs are opposite and parallel to each other rather than adjacent.

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Is a Kite a Parallelogram?
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Most simple quadrilaterals are parallelograms, although not all fulfill the criteria. To be a parallelogram, a simple quadrilateral must have two pairs of equal, opposite sides and angles, bisecting diagonal lines, one pair of parallel sides (which kites lack) and supplementary adjacent angles. The shape must also fulfill the Parallelogram Law. Additionally, all parallelograms must be diagonally divisible into two congruent triangles, which kites are not.

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