What Kinds of Algebra I Resources Does Kuta Software Provide?


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Kuta Software provides free worksheets on a variety of algebra one topics as well as Infinite Algebra 1, a paid software program that assists teachers in generating and assigning algebra problems for students. The free worksheets are available to download from the company's website, as of 2015. There are several worksheet categories from which to choose, such as basics, equations, inequalities, quadratic functions and radical expressions. Other worksheet categories include word problems, polynomials, trigonometry and systems of equations.

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Infinite Algebra 1 features an extensive database of algebra questions so that teachers do not have to create their own problems for assignments and exams. Teachers specify the properties of the questions they want, and the software presents problems that meet the specified criteria. If the teacher chooses not to utilize a particular problem, the software generates a similar replacement problem. Another feature is the customizable spacing options, allowing teachers to decide how much space to provide students for working each problem.

The multiple-version printing tool enables teachers to create different versions of the same assignment. For example, the scramble questions option prints the questions in different orders to protect against cheating on exams. There is also a scramble choices option that prints the choices to multiple-choice questions in varying orders.

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