What Kind of Word Problems Are in a 4th Grade Math Book?


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Math text books for 4th grade students will contain word problems covering multiplication, division, fractions and geometry. Word problems incorporate the mathematical concepts and procedures that are currently being taught.

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When students have reached the 4th grade level, they have learned basic math principles like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students will build upon this knowledge and apply it to larger numbers, often with a focus on multiplying and dividing numbers containing multiple digits.

Fourth grade students will also begin to learn how to use fractions and decimals as well as understanding the relationship between the two. As they learn how fractions work, they will learn about common denominators as well as multiples and patterns. Lessons about place value and rounding may also be included at this level. Students often explore the foundations of geometry, such as measuring angles and area, during their 4th grade studies.

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