What Are Some Interesting Math Games for Preschoolers?

What Are Some Interesting Math Games for Preschoolers?

Breakfast math, Shake It and Grab Bag numbers are some interesting math games for preschoolers. A few other mathematical games include sorting and cooking games.

Breakfast math requires a frozen waffle and some blueberries. Place the waffle on a plate, and allow the child to arrange the blueberries on the waffle. Call out random numbers or fractions, and ask him to place the correct number of blueberries into the grooves of the waffle. Cheer and continue until he has learned the sequence satisfactorily.

Shake It is a numbers-recognition game. It requires an empty egg carton, a marker and a small object like a button. Use the marker to write numbers from one to 12 on each dimple of the carton and drop the button inside. Ask the child to close the carton and shake it well. Encourage him to open the carton and read out the numeral in which the button has landed.

Grab Bag numbers use index cars, markers, a paper bag and a few pennies. Write a number on each index card, and drop it in the bag. Hand over the pennies to the child, and ask him to close his eyes and pick a card at random. Request him to read the number on the card, and place the correct number of pennies next to the number.

Sorting games develop addition, subtraction, division and organizing abilities. M&Ms can be used to sort according to color. Encourage preschoolers to sort items during clean-up time. Cooking is a fun approach to learn math. Measuring the ingredients and counting for simple recipes makes it an interesting math game.