What Information Is Found in a Butler Creek Size Chart?


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A Butler Creek sizing chart shows the correct scope covers to purchase based on the measurements of a scope's eyepiece and objective. To find which covers to purchase, measure the diameter of the scope's eyepiece and objective and look for the corresponding product numbers on the chart.

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Butler Creek scope covers provide rifle scope lenses with protection against weather, dust, moisture and other potential sources of damage, allowing for sport shooting and hunting in a wide range of difficult conditions. These scope covers quickly flip out of the way of the lens with just the touch of a button, and they are also silent in operation, so they will not scare away game, according to Butler Creek. Note that eyepiece covers and objective covers are separate products that must be measured and purchased separately.

As of July 2015, Butler Creek offers eyepiece covers in 19 different sizes and offers objective covers in 37 different sizes, encompassing a wide range of scope dimensions. Eyepiece covers have product numbers that begin with 20, while objective covers have product numbers that begin with 30. Butler Creek also offers many other rifle accessories, such as slings and straps, barrels and stocks and loading tools.

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