What Is an Infographic?


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An infographic is a visual way to convey large amounts of data and text, according to Entrepreneur magazine. Because infographics are visual, readers can absorb much of the information at a glance. Infographics can be used to illustrate the results of a survey or poll, to show sales declines or growths, to compare issues or products and much more.

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Some online programs allow users to create infographics with a minimum amount of fuss and often for free, but creators can also make them from scratch using computer programs. Wikipedia points out that people can even create them using manual tools, such as graph paper and pens. The site also says that infographic creators must keep three communication principles in mind: appeal, comprehension and retention. The infographic must be engaging, clearly understood and the information should be easy to retrieve from memory. Depending on the infographic's purpose, one of the three elements may be prioritized over the others.

Entrepreneur lists the following steps for making an infographic: choosing an engaging story to tell, finding the supporting data and analyzing it, writing an infographic script, designing the first draft with the script as a guide, getting feedback, and developing sharper final drafts.

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