What Is the Importance of Math in Daily Life?

Mathematics applies in day-to-day scenarios such as counting quantities and in dealing with shapes such as circles, squares and triangles. Math is critical in the understanding of natural cycles. Individuals use mathematics when calculating the amount of money needed to buy lunch. Potential borrowers apply math in loan interest calculations. The speedometer of a car uses math. Some interesting games and puzzles require use of math logic and deduction.

Algebra, such as linear inequalities, helps manufacturers and other planners determine optimum production conditions. Engineers, mathematicians and other scientists use calculus to measure change. Calculus also makes it possible to calculate the space covered by irregularly shaped objects. A math function can represent real-life situations such as the path of a plane. Using calculus, individuals can determine the cruising attitude, acceleration and velocity of a plane. The concept can also define the motion of a car or any other object that moves along a path.

In nature, the Fibonacci sequence defines the pleasant symmetry in patterns seen on pineapples and sunflowers. The development of computer science technologies is also dependent on math. Statistics make it possible to analyze data in areas such as medicine and population. Also, space flight depends on accurate math calculations.