What Are Some Ideas for Worksheets on Decimals?

What Are Some Ideas for Worksheets on Decimals?

There are several online resources that provide ideas for decimal worksheets, including Super Teacher Worksheets, MathIsFun.com, Math-Aids.com and Math Worksheets 4 Kids. These sites offer worksheets that require students to add, subtract, multiply or divide decimals and convert fractions and mixed numbers into decimal formats.

Super Teacher Worksheets offers an assortment of decimal worksheets for both members and non-members. Ideas range from number-line and shaded-graph problems for beginners to advanced long division with decimals for older students. Decimal card-sorting games, comparison worksheets and place value problems are other options.

MathIsFun.com offers similar ideas. Parents and teachers can print thousands of randomly generated worksheets covering decimal conversions and basic operations with decimals. The worksheets focus on tenths, hundredths and thousands to accommodate all levels of learning.

Math-Aids.com features worksheet generators for more than 90 math topics including decimals. Decimal comparisons, rounding with decimals and multiplying by powers of ten are some of the ideas found here. Each worksheet idea provides the user with various options to create level-specific worksheets to assess and reinforce decimal skills.

In addition to basic operations worksheets with decimals, Math Worksheets 4 Kids offers other ideas such as conversions using percents and decimal word problems. This website also has worksheets on ordering decimals and decimal place value.