What Are Some Ideas for Algebra Projects?


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Some ideas for algebra projects include using population studies to explain exponential functions and using blood pressure measurement data to practice plotting data with Excel and a graphing calculator. Additional project ideas include using algebraic formulas to solve health-related problems that relate to ideal body measurements and using a model road trip to study algebraic proportions.

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An algebra project involves taking the blood pressure of a number of students and teachers. With this data, students use Excel and a graphing calculator to practice data plotting and determining what line best represents existing data. Students may also use weather and climate data to understand the algebraic principles of data plotting using Excel or a graphic calculator. Another way to use physical data to study algebra is to use equations to solve for ideal fitness measurements while allowing for differences in height, weight and age.

An algebra project that reflects true life involves examining explosive population growths. By studying real-life population explosions, algebra students learn about exponential functions. Students then apply these actual, concrete occurrences to the abstract concepts of algebraic exponential functions.

Using a road trip project, students use algebraic formulas to evaluate fuel efficiency of a number of vehicles. In that way, students make plans for the road trip by using algebra to determine which vehicle best suits their travel needs. Next, students use ratios and proportionality to determine hotel and food costs. Students choose a number of destinations for the trip, and then they use math to determine the mileage of the trip and the relative distance of each leg in proportion to the rest of the trip.

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