What Are Some Highly Rated Online Pre-Algebra Courses?


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One highly rated online pre-algebra course is the Pre-Algebra Mathematics course offered free through ALISON, as of 2015. This course, which over 8,000 students have taken, has a user rating of four out of five. Another option is Khan Academy, which offers a series of tutorials on various pre-algebra concepts.

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The ALISON online pre-algebra course is designed for high school students and focuses on core topics such as one-step equations, percentages, integers and probabilities. The course also introduces students to geometric concepts and right triangles. There are 12 modules in the course, and these are divided into several lessons, allowing students to pace themselves as they learn. After completing all modules, students can expect to know different ways to solve the same equations, the coordinate system and the mathematical order of operations. Students who score at least 80 percent on all course assessments are eligible to receive an ALISON diploma or certificate.

The Khan Academy course is divided into nine sections. The first section focuses on negative numbers and the concept of absolute value. The next several sections cover topics such as factors, multiples, decimals and fractions. Towards the end of the course, students learn about radicals, scientific notation, measurements and arithmetic properties. Khan Academy also features a large database of tutorials in other subjects, such as organic chemistry, physics, health, trigonometry and finance.

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