How Do You Graph Y=cot(x)?


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Graphing y=cot(x) is a process and involves first examining a table of the coordinates of the points that can satisfy the equation of y=cotx. First, students should create a column on a piece of paper or in Excel and label column A "x-coordinates" and column B "y-coordinates."

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The x-coordinates in column A should range from -2p to 2p in increments of p/4. The y-coordinates in column B should be the direct result of the equation y=cot(x). Insert "x" for each of the numbers in the column A and then the "y" for each of the numbers will be put in column B.

Next the graphing can occur using the graphing calculator. Graph y=cotx from -2p to 2p. This can be done by hand by placing the coordinates on a graph as well, but it may be complicated because the numbers represent angles and will be in many decimals. This would be done by starting at (0,0) and counting vertically for the "x" value and horizontally for the "y" value with the negative numbers going either to the south or to the west. An example of this would be (-4,8). The -4 would be four steps down from the point of the graph (as it is negative) on the x-axis and the 8 would be eight steps to the right (as it is positive). The dot would be placed on the last step.

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