What Is a Good Way to Make Pie Charts Easily?


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An easy way to make pie charts is through specialized charting programs or online sites such as meta-chart.com or SmartDraw. These tools allow for easy input of data and aesthetic preferences to create flawless mathematically aligned charts without extensive graphic design knowledge.

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What Is a Good Way to Make Pie Charts Easily?
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Pie chart programs require the desired data category's label and its desired size on the pie chart, either as an absolute number or percentage. This number or percentage is then adjusted in apparent size in the chart relative to the other listed data categories when the program produces the chart.

Microsoft Office's Excel program creates pie charts in a manner allowing more manual control over the appearance and data of the chart without much difficulty. Simply enter the chart's desired data into the worksheet cells and insert a pie chart from the Insert ribbon at the top of the program. Excel's basic functions allow the use of formulas with input data, which enables interactive variables in the chart. An example would be a "Gross Profit" section of a pie chart that reduces in response to changes in the "Cost" entry without any additional calculation on the user's part required. However, the user must still input the formulas manually, which may require some manual calculation on the user's part.

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