What Is a Good Way for Kids to Practice Addition?


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Math games are an excellent way for children to practice addition. There are many online educational games available for addition practice such as "Jet Ski Addition," "Kitten Match Addition" and "Alien Addition." Children can also play with an adult or with each other using a deck of cards, coins or pieces of paper.

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What Is a Good Way for Kids to Practice Addition?
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One easy to learn card game that helps children practice addition is Addition War. In this game, a deck of standard playing cards is split evenly between two players. The numbered cards have the same value as the number on their face, while the ace is valued as a 1, the jack is 11, the queen is 12 and the king is 13. Each player plays two cards, face-up and then says the sum of her two cards out loud. The person with the greater sum wins that round and places her cards in her win pile.

If the two sums are equal, each player places two cards face-down, and two more cards face-up, saying out loud the sum of her two face-up cards. This continues until the tie is broken. The player who wins the tie-breaker takes all of the cards that have been played that round. The game ends when the players have played all of the cards they were dealt, and the winner is the one who has collected the largest pile of wins from each round.

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